The Experimental Manned Rocketry Association of America


Founded in 1997

The Association for Rocketmen

A Raketenflugplatz (Rocket air drome)of the Internet

Paving the way for the rocket-powered aerospace sports of the 21st century

Creating new acts for the airshows of the future



Manned rocketry can be hazardous to human life. EMRAA is a loose association of pioneers and adventurers and there is no liable organization. Participate in manned rocketry at your own risk.



Function as a internet based meeting place to help start teams across the country to build liquid rocket engines, hybrid rocket motors, and privately funded manned rockets



What is EMRAA

EMRAA is a attempt to bring science fiction into reality, to make manned rocketry common place. EMRAA is a Internet meeting place where engineers, technicians, aviators, and craftsmen can find each other to start projects, share ideas and information, and make friends with people who have liquid rocket engines, hybrid rocket motors, and manned rocketry as a common interest. This is a association, there are no officers or dues. EMRAA is not a pie in the sky organization.

EMRAA projects will be worked on in spare time by most people. Capital will be generated by individuals, advertising sponsors, and by bartering services. Even though the aerospace giants are working on projects their is no good reason why individuals and small companies cannot get together and accomplish a lot for manned rocketry. Remember what the Germans accomplished before World War Two. If you know someone who is interested tell them about this home page.

If you have a manned rocket project of any kind we would love to hear about it. If you are building a powerful safe rocket motor or engine let us know.

Proposed Economical EMRAA Projects

Project: Flightcraft recovery using fly by wire ram-air parachute


Long ago NASA investigated the feasibility of recovering Gemini spacecraft by steerable parachutes. The parachutes available at the time were Rogalo triangular types that had many problems and made the concept impractical. 30 years later we have ram-air parachutes capable of recovering spacecraft. The astronaut would not have to splashdown in the ocean but could land with pinpoint accuracy even on grass runways or open fields.

The proposed EMRAA project is to build first a one man capsule type aircraft similar to the mercury spacecraft, that would have the fly by wire square ram-air parachute flight recovery system installed. A test pilot would ride in the capsule aircraft up to 10000 feet lifted by helicopter or hot-air balloon. At 10000 feet the capsule aircraft will be dropped and a drogue chute deployed to stabilize the craft. Once the craft is stabilized , the square ram-air parachute would be deployed by a freebag system using the drogue as the pilot chute. The pilot would then practice some basic maneuvers and set up a landing approach. The first landing will take place in a lake with a recovery crew standing by. In the event of a malfunction of the main parachute, the pilot will blow a hatch and eject and deploy his or her emergency parachute

Project: The Stratosaber Rocketship


A two man ballistic rocket that will break the sound barrier flying to the lower stratosphere (50000 feet). The booster will be recovered by a round parachute. The capsule section will be flown to a landing area by using a fly by wire controlled ram-air parachute. The flight will give the passenger andpilot a small taste of space- thin air, a deep purple sky, a incredible view of the earth, and the sights, sounds, smells, and taste of high speed manned rocketry



The Experimental Manned Rocketry Association of America

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The Future of private Manned Rocketry is in your hands

There is strength, knowledge, and safety in numbers

For more info visit the website where your dreams of privately funded manned rocketry have a chance of being fulfilled with the help of others.

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